The Miracle @ Michigan

September 24, 1994 – After the game, University of Colorado coach Bill McCartney said simply, "I didn't think he could throw that far."

The "he" was his quarterback, Kordell Stewart. And the throw…well, the throw was Herculean, covering 70 yards in the air as time expired in a game against Michigan.  The 100,000-plus fans who converge on Ann Arbor for the Wolverines' home games watched the ball flutter across the sky, safe in the knowledge that all their team had to do was bat the ball down and they'd walk off with a victory. As the ball reached the 2-yard line, bodies went skyward and the first fingers to reach it belonged to Blake Anderson, a Colorado receiver.  But Anderson didn't try to catch it, but he wasn't supposed to.  Instead he swatted the ball towards the end zone, where teammate Michael Westbrook snagged it and fell to the ground.  Final score: Colorado 27, Michigan 26.

"Never give up," Westbrook shouted toward the sky. "Never give up."