The Mets Can’t Honor Native Americans Because The Braves Are In Town And That’s Just Awkward

The New York Mets' promotional staff is about as on point as their pitching rotation. Last week, people laughed at their expense after a failed attempt at a fireworks show for the Fourth of July. 

Now they've picked up on a public relations debacle that fireworks couldn't even touch. The Mets had organized with New York's American Indian Community House for a Native American Heritage night, which might have worked if they weren't scheduled to host the Atlanta Braves that day

So if you were looking forward to Native American Heritage night on July 25, hate to tell you, but it's not happening

Two ways to look at this: 1) The Mets thought this would be a conflicting and insensitive message, honoring Native Americans and playing against a team that mocks them all at the same time. 2) They could have been worried about embarrassing the Braves in a political sense, which wouldn't protect the Major League Baseball shield for even a second. 

Either way, the Mets are still being the Mets — failing in every way possible. 

Let's see how they manage to throw a wrench in the All-Star game at CitiField. 

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