The Lego Movie Reaches $63 Million, Nears $150 Million Worldwide

    The monster box office success that is The Lego Movie continued its dominance at the box office through the holiday weekend as it topped the $63 million mark in four days. It has earned a total of $143.8 million domestically and is within sight of the $200 million mark worldwide in the two weeks since its release. While Screen Gems’ remake About Last Night is being touted as a “black” film by most media outlets, it is certainly enjoying crossover appeal with stars Michael Ely and Kevin Hart. The romantic comedy was perfect for Valentines’ Day and has earned $28.5 million, which more than doubled its production cost of $12 million. 

    Robocop, the science fiction remake of the 1986 film of the same name, was supposed to be something of a blockbuster. However, since it debuted Wednesday of last week, six days later it has only earned $30.5 million. That makes it something of a flop domestically considering About Last Night opened two days later and nearly matched its total. However, the worldwide science fiction fan base is expected to eventually vault the film to around $200 million before all is said and done.  It cost around $100 million to produce and anything short of doubling that total would be considered a loss by Sony Pictures.   Here’s a list of the top 10 box office offerings. 


    1. The Lego Movie 
    2. About Last Night 
    3. RoboCop 
    4. The Monuments Men
    5. Endless Love 
    6. Ride Along
    7. Winter’s Tale 
    8. Frozen 
    9. Lone Survivor 
    10. That Awkward Moment