The Legion of Boom takes on the legend of Brady

As the Super Bowl approaches there are a lot of questions looming prior to the game. The highly anticipated match-ups of Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman, the Legion of Boom against Gronk, the Patriots vs. controversy and the list goes on. One thing is for certain though; all the balls at the Super Bowl will be thoroughly inspected.

This is the battle for a dynasty. The Patriots have won three out of the past six Super Bowls they have been in. While the Seattle Seahawks are looking to be the first repeat Super Bowl champion since the Patriots in 2003-04. Belichick replaced Seattle Seahawks HC Pete Carroll when he came into the Patriots organization many years ago and now the two are facing each other on the game's biggest stage. The last time the Patriots were caught in a scandal, they ended up losing the following game, which was the post- "spy gate" Super Bowl.

Seattle is hoping that history repeats itself on Feb. 1