The Knicks Get Clowned By The Twitter Meme Gods

After failing to secure a big name free agent, you knew the jokes were coming.

Real Knicks fans could feel that uneasy feeling in their hearts.

As rumors swirled as of Friday, everything seemed to be around three or four teams, but the Knicks failed to make it into that circle of teams. Then that uneasy feeling of being blanked in free agency came to fruition for Knicks fans yesterday when big name after big name were wiped from the board of possibility. KD, Kyrie, Kemba, Klay, Butler- all gone. Worst of all, the Brooklyn Nets became the center of basketball when they got Kyrie and KD, the ultimate slap to MSG and its long waiting fan base.

But the internet is merciless, so despite signing a few players, and the pain, moans and groans and disgust from people like Stephen A. Smith, the Twitter meme gods took aim and fired at the already wounded fans of the orange and blue. Here are some of the best ones: