The Jets Need To Put The Full Court Press On Le’Veon Bell Trade

If LeVeon Bell is truly available, the Jets need to get on those phones and start giving up the goods. With Sam Darnold ill-equipped to go into war with the more explosive offensive teams in the NFL, adding a player of Bells caliber and multifaceted skill set is a win for the development of Darnold and the Jets playoff hopes. 

Gang Green has the available cap space now (about $17 million) and next season (a projected $90-plus million) to lock Bell down beyond 2018. All he wants is the cheddar, so the Jets need to get on their Colin Kaepernick and Just Do It

Driven: Le’Veon Bell

Pittsburgh Steelers’ All Pro running back Le’Veon Bell scored a last second touchdown on Monday Night Football, giving the Steelers a 24-20 road victory over the San Diego Chargers. Steeler Nation erupted as Bell thrust the ball over the plane of the goal line as his knee was going down, celebrating again as the officials confirmed the score after the mandatory scoring replay.

The Jets have reportedly reached out to the Steelers to “express interest” in a deal for Bell, although they have not made a concrete offer. 

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Now that the Steelers are listening to offers for RB Le’Veon Bell, it will not be an easy trade to complete. But the fact that Pittsburgh is open to dealing Bell means that any RB-needy team with cap room that can win this season might be good with landing a rent-a-player.

The trade rumor mill has the social media moshpit in full GM mode. 

onebadmother… on Twitter

NFL Trade #Jets get @LeVeonBell & 2019 5th Rd draft pick #Steelers get: Two 2019 3rd Rd draft picks. Jets own and the 3rd Rd pick acquired in trade with #Saints for Teddy Bridgewater. Book it!

Bell has missed the first three games of the season and trading him could lead to some Draft picks for the future, rather than just losing him to free agency. 

The Jets needs to get their assets together and make this happen. Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell are a solid tandem, but neither is game breaking and Crowell is a walking 15-yard penalty. 

NeilTeamSix on Twitter

Isiah Crowell took the #Browns to the super bowl.

Bell made the Pro Bowl the last two seasons and hes an all-purpose nightmare in cleats. Adding him changes the entire dynamics of the offense. Gang Green would probably have to relinquish one of those running backs in a trade for Bell, but so what? 

After years of being cursed with bad luck, butt fumbles and humiliation at the hands of the Patriots, the Jets need to pounce now. The Pats are 1-2 and struggling for the first time in a long time. Their impenetrable core is weakening, the relationship between The Killer Bs is fractured. 

Ralph Vacchiano on Twitter

Is Todd Bowles on the hot seat? Some more games like the stinker in Cleveland and that just might be where he ends up …

With all of those promising developments in mind, upper management is becoming less acceptable of Todd Bowles inconsistency.  Now is the time for the Jets front office to truly help their head coach be the best he can be by acquiring the quintessential, new age dual-threat running back to complement your franchise player. 

Get Bell to New York and sign him to a long-term deal. The tide in the AFC East is changing. There’s about to be a power vacuum and securing Bell puts the Jets one step closer to filling it. 

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