The Jackie Robinson’s Statue In Brooklyn Gets Vandalized with Racial Slurs

The Riley Cooper fiasco in Philadelphia has made the extra-sensitive topic of race front and center recently, making it the perfect time for some idiots to add very unwelcomed fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in New York this week.


Employees of the Class A Brooklyn Cyclones, a New York Mets affiliate, arrived at work Wednesday morning to find swastikas and racial and anti-Semitic epithets painted on a statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese that is on display outside MCU Park.

Classless. Though the graffiti on the statue is gone, stadium employees were having trouble getting it off the statue’s stone base, so they had to cover it up so no one would see. This could have happened at any time, but the fact that it has conveniently come at a time when rocky race relations are dominating the headlines makes it that much worse.