The Guilt Of A Cowboy Fan Rooting For Ezekiel Elliott

Let me start this off by disclosing my lifelong devotion to the Dallas Cowboys. It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I have been rooting for them since the age of 2.

Its also no secret that Dallas has seen its fair share of troubled players throughout the duration of their existence. Weve examined drug addiction, anger issues and a host of other questionable behaviors. 

Cowboy Nation has also witnessed ego beyond belief on Americas Team, and arrogance on the field is appreciated when good deeds are done. 

However, we are now in a dark place over another gifted player and several questions come to mind upon hearing of his recent suspension that was just passed down by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. 

But none are as important as this one…Ezekiel Elliott, WHY?

Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin speak on Ezekiel Elliott’s off-field troubles

A couple Cowboys legends weigh in on Ezekiel Elliott’s off-the-field issues. WFAA

Why in the world would a player with so much to lose put himself in a position like the one he faces today. He was given a six-game suspension without pay. Did he think that by virtue of being so powerful on the field that all would just be forgiven and or go away? 

Did he think that his foray into crop tops would make people forget the vicious crimes that he had been accused of? Were we all supposed to just relinquish our knowledge of the bruises he allegedly put on this girlfriends body because he runs across the grass with so much force you would swear he was angry at the ground? 

But what I think the world would like to understand more than anything else is why would he made the choice to put his hands on a woman instead of opening up the front door and walking out of it without looking back?

So often we hear about how women in these situations should leave. Why didnt she just pack up and go if she was so in fear for her safety? There are a ton of reasons behind why women stay. 

But that isnt even what is burning a hole in my psyche right now. I really want to understand why HE didnt leave? If she was so awful or if she was looking for a come-up from the soon to be anointed NFL Superstar rookie, why didnt he get his glad rags and get out of dodge versus doing something that would lead him to a place no player wants to be in? 

Have we pampered athletes to the point that they think there will be no repercussions for such actions? And are they justified in believing this if they do?

I realize that Colin Kaepernick is coming up in every NFL discussion about anything lately. I get it. A lot of folks dont want to hear it anymore. But I would be remiss not to bring him up here. This man is being taunted, shunned and criticized from here to Timbuktu because he stood, or took a knee actually, for non-violence among other things. 

But Elliott allegedly brutalized a young woman and no one thinks he should be put out of the league? Does he deserve to be watching the games at BW3s along with Colin this fall for these alleged crimes? The NFL seems to think they should hang out for at least 6 games. But what do the fans think? 

Jerry Jones Is ‘Furious’ Over Ezekiel Elliott Suspension | SportsCenter | ESPN

Adam Schefter joins SportsCenter to discuss reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is “furious” over Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension.

Well, Im a fan. I watched him march down that field with the power of hurricane force winds last season. The winning streak that resulted from his presence combined with one of the flyest young quarterbacks to touch a football in recent memory was awe inspiring to Cowboy fans world wide. This is a fact. No one can change their exceptional first season together no matter what they say and or do.

However, I can not look at this player the same way that I did last year. I can not pretend that in the back of my mind I will not always be wondering why he laid his hands on this woman in Columbus, Ohio last summer in a way that was much less than loving. 

I will not lie to you and say that I wont wonder if other women were groped or pawed at by this young man out of the range of surveillance cameras at any other point in time as well. 

With every ball carry and touchdown I will feel some type of guilt for feeling happy with his ability to advance the ball. That conflict within me will be a bitter pill to swallow, Im sure. 

Luckily, the NFL has just given me six weeks to adjust my water intake. Hopefully Mr. Elliott will take advantage of that time to adjust himself accordingly as well.

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