The Ex-Penn State President Is Suing Louis Freeh For Libel And Defamation

It’s been exactly one year since former FBI director Louis Freeh reported that late coach Joe Paterno and Penn State executives concealed information related to Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse from authorities. Now it seems to be making headlines once again.

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier is suing Freeh for libel and defamation, and there is a strong chance that it’s for Freeh’s report a year ago. Per ESPN:

“The filing was made one day before the one-year anniversary of Freeh's report, which concluded that Spanier, late coach Joe Paterno and other high-ranking Penn State administrators failed to protect children against Sandusky. Under Pennsylvania law, those who believe they have been libeled or defamed have a year to initiate a civil lawsuit.”

Though everything seems to line up, Spanier’s filings were vague:

“Paperwork filed in Centre County, where the school is located, disclosed little about the nature of his claims but checked off a box on a court system form that described the case as "slander/libel/defamation."

With the type of impact the Freeh Report had on Spanier’s reputation, his decision to fight back is understandable, but he faces an uphill battle if he wants to get a dime off of Freeh.


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