The Emperor Has No Clothes

Currently, America is married to the mob.

The Trump family is like real life, a less violent version of a clan from a Francis Ford Coppola movie; only less elegant.

With the 2020 election, America is the other candidate on the ballot with the choice to vote in bigotry as a barometer for where the country’s moral compass currently sits.

However, with the President now transcending the Republican Party he co-opted and transforming a majority of its body politic into the cult of Trumpism, it begs for a moment of reflection.

Singlehandedly, Donald Trump has exposed every flaw in the democratic system that can be manipulated for personal gain. He has fomented doubt about a pending Presidential election before any votes have been counted.

His malfeasance in condemning hate speech and hate groups unilaterally has not only empowered domestic terror organizations, it has emboldened them.

His relationships with known autocrats are legendary and his leanings towards the dictatorial policy are ever alarming. Trump has stoked both white rage and xenophobia like a fire poker in his 2016 election and bolstered white fears in the 2020 campaign.

He is attempting to erase America’s dark history with the cancellation of race theory courses and racial sensitivity training for federal employees. He has condemned the New York Times’ 1619 project as divisive and un-American while promoting Patriotism courses as the right and proper alternative.

He owes upwards of $400 million in debt to unknown sources. This is a national security crisis that could have global implications of potential improprieties and more.

The fact that he still hasn’t released his tax returns on his own volition and it has issues with the IRS while he can influence the direction of the IRS is more than troubling.

Now he has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after degrading his political rivals for constantly wearing masks and holding rallies across the country.

In short, Donald Trump is a fake it until you make it President. Only the biggest glaring problem is that he’s already made it.

In the words of the classic movie of the same name, “You got the Juice now.”

So why does everyone except Donald Trump understand that the sitting U.S. President is held to a higher standard?

Simple: he’s been enabled by those who are afraid to criticize him because his perceived prowess is seen as omnipotent over all his apparent fallacies.

Donald Trump is the emperor who has no clothes.

A Whole Nekkid Out Here

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The fictional Emperor loves fine clothing. Two men, swindlers, arrive in the city claiming to be the best weavers imaginable. They claim that the clothing they make is the finest with beautiful, intricate patterns. The swindlers say that this clothing is also magical and would appear invisible to anyone stupid or incompetent.

Excited about this amazing product, the Emperor pays the men a big bag to make these special clothes.

The swindlers then pretend to weave and sew the clothing with empty looms and needles without thread. The Emperor sends men to check on the swindler’s work. When each man realizes he sees nothing, he does not want to admit it for fear he would be accused of being stupid and incompetent.

Each man lies to the Emperor, saying how the clothing was dope.

When the clothing is brought to the Emperor on the day of a great procession. The Emperor sees nothing, but because doesn’t want to seem incompetent, he agrees that the clothing is exquisite.

Emperor marches in the procession in front of his entire kingdom.

Everyone in the kingdom sees the emperor naked, but also out of fear, they all sing the false praises of their Emperor’s fine clothing.

Finally, a child says, ”But he doesn’t have anything on!”

The Emperor must then finish the procession knowing that the people are right, and everyone knows he is wearing nothing but his pride.

Donald Trump is both the Emperor and the people. His followers know he is a fraud but dutifully follow him obsequiously.

His pride is his biggest downfall but unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale. Its real life.

The country and the world are at risk and with the proliferation of conspiracy theories and fear-mongering, the world can’t afford for the Emperor to be a whole nekkid out here.

Alas, this is America.

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