The Eagles Fined Riley Cooper So Roger Goodell Won’t Have To

The NFL will not suspend Riley Cooper for using the n-word beyond what the Eagles have already done, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said on ESPN's Mike and Mike program. 

Goodell called Cooper's comments "obviously wrong and they're insensitive and they're unacceptable" but there won't be any additional punishment for the Eagles wide receiver.

Mike Freeman of tweeted that he texted an Eagles player who said that not every player had forgiven Cooper, "not by a long shot." Freeman's source also indicated that white players were just as upset as the black players. 

This is a for sure way to divide the locker room up, who's going to want to go near Cooper now?

His image has a ton of rehabilitation to get done, but it doesn't look like he's at risk of losing more money or missing out on game action at the hands of the league. Imagine if DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA had to represent Cooper in that type of situation.