The Dunk Contest Sucked, But It Wasn’t as Bad as China’s

The 2013 dunk contest was not pretty. As a matter of fact (opinion), 2012 wasn’t easy on the eyes either. Both were bad enough that our EIC Vince Thomas called for the NBA to give the dunk contest some Ambien for a few seasons. But that was before anyone witnessed what went down in China.

The Chinese Basketball Association held their dunk contest this weekend. Zhai Yi, a third-string guard for Shanghai (Hey! They can’t get stars to do it either!), won the contest because no one else in China can dunk — or so it appears. Zhai tried to stick a Li Ning shoe to the backboard, stuck the shoe but missed the dunk. He, then, attempted a Blake Griffin-esque dunk over/around a sneaker-shaped golf cart…and missed. He, then, jumped over a giant rice ball, kicked it, and missed (More embarassment).

Zhai went on to make all of these dunks for the win, and, truth be told, the NBA dunk contest could probably be made to seem equally poor if the misses were exclusively reported (and there wasn’t even rice in the way). But nothing could possibly make it this goofy. 



Shout out to Terrence Ross for not being as bad as we thought.

(More props: Deadspin)

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