The Dime: Week 8

1. Robert Griffin III is not Tim Tebow. He’s a QB. He doesn’t need to do this again:  I’m fine with the big hit RG3 took from Falcons monster LB Sean Weatherspoon.  It was what is known as collateral damage. But sending out your sensational rookie QB to get hit by Ryan Clark on a silly gimmick play is reckless and the type of thing that ends careers. Shanahan admitted how stupid his call was. Hopefully we never see RG3 lined up at WR again.


2. The best way to shut them up is winning: (See tweet below.) If this is the way the Jets talk to each other in the locker room, no wonder they can’t win. Double talk and confusion never equal wins. And who are you? Have you made any big catches? What have you done to help Sanchez stay on the field? Focus on that instead of what the fans are saying.



3. Here we go, here we go again:  I covered DeAngelo Hall when he first entered the league as a highly drafted player out of Virginia Tech — shortly after Hall became known as “Me'Angelo" a guy who had talent, yet, couldn’t get out of his own way. Some of that is okay when you’re a 22-year-old rookie. It isn’t acceptable when you’re an over 30 veteran on a young Redskins team who should be leaning on you for leadership.



4. Give Cam some credit: Over the last couple of weeks, we in the media have given Cam all types of hell for his demeanor and tone. While nobody likes a whiner, I do believe the critics have gone a bit too far. Meanwhile, it appears, at least for this week, Newton has learned some lessons.  I like how he answered tough questions with his head held high and took responsibility for the loss. Let’s hope this continues so we can getm back to talking about him on the field.


5. Introducing Vick Ballard:  Unless you’re a hardcore Mississippi State Bulldog fan, you wouldn’t know that Ballard was one of the best running backs in the SEC.  He was a 5th round pick this year, so I’ll forgive you for not knowing his name. But now it’s time to get familiar after this game-winning run and catch.


6. Tony is a G:  I don’t know if this will mean anything come playoff time. But, I love how the Falcons and Tony Gonzalez aren’t taking any mess.



7. Watch out: If you are on an NFL field you have to keep your head on a swivel. Unfortunately, the guy with the boom mic had to take one for the team.


8.Orange Crush: Whenever I see fans dressed like this I always ask “what does he do for a living?” Could you imagine these guys being your lawyer, doctor or dentist? As expensive as it is to attend NFL games, you would have to assume these guys have lucrative careers and perhaps a wife and kids at home. Either way, I don’t want the guy eating the leg auditing my taxes.


9. Show up and Show out: When you beat a guy the way Antonio Brown beat the Redskins corners, it's okay to ham it up a bit.


10. Fantasy Hero: Not only was Gronk the best fantasy tight end this week, he also reminded us that he still knows how to get down and funky.  For as hard as people were on Gronk for his off season activities I find him to be refreshing, and he shows that if you perform you can be you even in New England. Hello Chad Johnson. 

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