The Dime Week 4: The Saints Are Rolling 

Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco misses Anquan Boldin like Dame Dash misses Jay Z.

He threw five picks, which led to 13 points by the Bills. The Ravens only lost by three points.

Bust Gabbert – Speaking of QBs…let’s just call a spade a spade. Blaine Gabbert is a bust. The Jaguars have weapons, MJD, Mercedes Lewis, etc. They just don’t have anyone that knows how to use those weapons properly. Gabbert has left us with this amazing NFL moment in his career.


Reggie Bush – Unfairly people said he’s be next Barry Sanders. There’s only one Barry. But as of right now, having Reggie Bush on your squad is a pretty good deal. Bush racked up 173 total yards and made a very good Bears defense look silly.

Prince Amukamara  –  Dexter McCluster and Dwayne Bowe both did Victor Cruz’s salsa TD celebration yesterday. McCluster was first and Bowe followed. After Bowe did his rendition, Prince Amukamara got in Bowe’s face to defend his teammate. Look…if you don’t want them to do Cruz’s dance. Stop them from scoring. And also, as long as this footage is dancing in these internet streets, Prince should be the last to step to anyone.

Denver Broncos – I said it earlier in Cover 3 yesterday, but let’s chill for a little bit. The Broncos haven’t played anyone. The teams they’ve played so far are 4-12.

Dez Bryant – In two out of three weeks he's balled out, but he's dropped crucial passes on third down when the game has been on the line. He's got to learn how to close and focus late in games. 

Tom Brady – While everyone is praising Peyton Manning, Tom Brady is the MVP of September. His team is 4-0 and he’s throwing the ball to no name WRs. Brady has less talent around him than Blaine Gabbert and he continues to get the job done. 

London – Why are people against NFL games being played in London? The bigger the NFL grows the more people start paying attention to the game. Look at the NBA. What if it never expanded? We’d have no Dirk Nowitzkis, Rik Smits, Pau Gasols, etc. Let’s not be small minded – there are people in other countries that if taught properly could be great NFL athletes.

Pete Carroll – Look at what happens when you have a quarterback. Pete isn’t an idiot. He’s always been a good coach since his USC days. He knows talent. The NFL is a QB league. Now that he has Russell Wilson everyone calls him a genius. No, he’s the same person.

Who Do You Want – Right now, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are the Holy Trinity of QBs in the league right now. If you had to start a team today, who would you pick?