The Dime Week 2: QB Questions Galore

1. New ninjas. They express their deepest and darkest secrets on social media. They openly thirst for women on Instagram comments. And now, they cry after their first football victory. Damn E.J. Manuel, we hate it had to be you dog.


2. Is this a new Jay Cutler we’re seeing? I hope so, because in back-to-back weeks, he’s led the Bears to victory. The old Jay Cutler would have just given up. Not sure what it is, new coach, wife, kid? Whatever it is, I’m going to have to stop calling him Lackluster Cutler. Keep up the smokin’ 2-0 start, Jay.


3. We mocked Derrick Rose for not returning from his ACL injury in quick-fast fashion ala Adrian Peterson. But I wish that RGIII were taking the Derrick Rose approach. He looks like a second tier QB out there and let’s be honest, outside of his deep ball, he’s not a great pocket passer. He’s a unique QB that needs a unique offense that utilizes his athleticism. Kirk Cousins gives the Skins a better chance to win right now.


4. After three quarters, I said to myself, Dez Bryant is growing up before our eyes. Then this happened. Thanks Dez. I’m not quite sure why he’s celebrating this great catch on Instagram though…

Because obviously, Dez has moved on less than 24 hours later.  


5. So, no one else is going to mention the fact that Ryan Tannehill out played Andrew Luck? Okay cool, I’ll let Brent Grimes’ wife remind y’all. Her husband intercepted Luck to seal the game.



6. Offense was never really the problem in Philadelphia. Andy Reid always found ways to put points on the board. He just couldn’t keep Vick from throwing it to the other team. The real problem in Philly has been the defense ever since the great defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson, passed away in 2009. The Eagles didn’t need another offensive coach, they needed a defensive coach.


7. So, can we call Josh Freeman a bust? I mean hell, Tim Tebow could go 9-22 against the Saints’ bend AND break defense.


8. A few thoughts on Manning Bowl III. Eli vs. Peyton was played at 4pm and Kaepernick vs. Wilson was played in primetime? Why, that makes no sense, Manning vs. Manning should have been on in primetime. Eli has been terribly unlucky this season. So what Peyton is 3-0 against his little brother. Eli has two Super Bowls so Peyton has to catch up, bottom line.  


9. More and more people are watching the games at home instead of going to the stadium. We have to shout out the Packers, Chiefs and Seahawks fans for being faithful, filling the stands and doing stuff like this.


10. Tom Brady has been throwing to division II and III receivers his entire career and he’s won games.

What is Ben Roethlisberger’s excuse then? The Steelers looked terrible last night, especially their offense and that falls on Roethlisberger’s shoulders. 

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