The Dime: Week 10 

RGIII – We forget that Adrian Peterson didn't rage war on NFL defenses until the second half of last season. It looks like RGIII is going to do the same. Yes, he lost. Yes, his pass to Santana Moss at the end of the game was off the mark  But you can see Robert getting his groove back.  

Richie Incognito – I watched the Fox Sports interview with the innocence of a child. People that don't get it don't get that they don't get it. Richie doesn't get it. There's blame that goes all around, starting with Dolphins management. But the root of the problem is Richie. Listen to the interview. He still isn't taking complete responsiblity for this. 

Play of the Week – Knock the ball down. Knock the ball down. Man, never mind. 

Marc Trestman – I like you homie. Not many coaches would have the guts to pull their starting QB in the 4th quarter. It was easy to tell that Jay Cutler couldn't move, but most coaches wouldn't have the guts to actually pull the trigger. Leaders make tough decision that no one else has the courage to do. Trestman will be around for a while. Very impressive for a first-year NFL head coach. 

Vince Young – Why did the Packers cut him? I know VInce made his NFL twin bed and now has to sleep in it, but at least open the door so he can crawl under the covers. There's no way that Seneca Wallace is a better player than Young. VY actually played well for the Packers in the presesason, beating out Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman. 

Hello Tavon Austin – Nice for you to arrive. We've been waiting, ten weeks to be exact. 

Number 1 – Both the Jaguars and Bucs got their first victories of the season this week. It's weird that the state with the most high school football talent has the worst pro football teams. 

Apologies – Sorry, Cam Newton. I gave up on you like a toddler gives up on a two-month-old Christmas present. I'm not even going to be a prick and tell you to be consistent for the rest of the season. You are playing well right now and that's all that matters. Colin Kaepernick, sorry for anointing you too soon. You're only a second year starter, I've put way too much pressure on you. 

Peyton Manning – Are we serious? We can't be making a big deal out of the hit on Peyton Manning that wasn't late. And that was far from dirty. We can't be making a big deal about this. 

Monte Kiffin – He hasn't had the juice since 2003. He got ran out of USC by his own son. Why would you want this man as your defensive coordinator? What used to work doens't work anymore. It's like hiring Barry Switzer to run the option – it's old, out of style and clearly won't work.