The Dime: 11.13.12


Chiefs “Beef it up” but still lose. A lot of people had an issue with the celebration, but since I’m from Atlanta, I loved that the Georgia native and former Dawg Justin Houston lead the team in the dance made famous by the “Charlie Boy Gang.” I also don’t want to hear that should’ve acted like they’ve been there before, because at now 1-8, they haven’t. And probably aren’t sure if they’ll get there again. When you’re as bad as the Chiefs have been, you have to get it in when you can.  I liked it so much that I don’t even care that it wasn’t actually a TD and the Chiefs still were penalized. Who cares about penalties when you’re having fun?



When will they learn? Another week, another clown player says something stupid on twitter. Titus Young and every Lion other than Calvin Johnson, have basically stunk up the joint for the entire season and we’re supposed to feel empathy for you because the fans are a little hard on you? Are you serious? Do you realize how hard it is to live in Detroit, and all the fans want is a football team to be proud of? If you want the fans on your side all you have to do is win games and catch the ball.


When will they learn? Part two. I’m all for fans expressing anger and trash talking each other. But there isn’t anything that can happen in a sporting event that warrants burning someone’s car. This is insane and I hope whomever is responsible is under the jail as I write this.


New York doesn’t mess around.  It’s a damn shame when people are calling for Acts of God to get you off their team. I guess it’s better than wishing an injury upon him.


Why, Jason Campbell, Why?   Bruh, you had a chance to show the world that you are still a legit QB in the NFL. I understand that you started your career with the dreadful Redskins, and went from there to the woeful Raiders, but Sunday was your shot to lead a comeback that would’ve insured you another contract. Instead you go with dink and dunk stuff, when you should’ve shown off the cannon. Listen, it looks like you’ll get another run on Sunday with a full week of reps.  Don’t blow it, please.

He’s not Mr. November but he gets down in January. They’re calling you out again, Eli. If anybody has earned a pass for a couple of bad games it’s Eli Manning, This is what the Giants do occasionally. They’ll be fine and so will Manning so everyone needs to be easy.


Hold on to the ball. Never forget that the NFL really stands for “Not for long”, and if Kellen Davis doesn’t step his game up immediately, he’ll find out how quickly an NFL career can end.


Adrian Peterson is the man. In case if y’all forgot Peterson is the best running back in the league and will retire as one of the top ten backs of all time. If you don’t believe me, watch the transcendent Peterson, eviscerate the Lions on this run.


Salute to one of the best.  Congratulations to Tony Gonzalez on his 100th Touchdown catch. I’m sure Tony Gonzalez would’ve rather had the win, but landmarks like this need to be celebrated. Without Gonzalez there would be no Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski or Aaron Hernández.  Gonzalez is a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer who hopefully will finally get his first playoff win.


Is this sportsmanship or hate? I want to believe Brian Urlacher is just being a good sport and showing love to a former comrade who made a spectacular play. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was Urlacher’s way of showing up the petulant Jay Cutler. Either way, I guarantee Cutler won’t get in his face like he did with that offensive lineman a few weeks ago. 

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