The Commish And Air Jordan Try To Bring Oakley And Dolan Together

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan were listening to Buckwheat’s Greatest Hits together today, and found themselves singing in unison, “Enough is enough is enough…!”

The two have formed like Voltron to bring Knicks owner James Dolan and Charles Oakley to the same table, trying to put out the raging fire that resulted in Oakley’s arrest following an altercation with security guards last Wednesday in Madison Square Garden during the Knicks vs Los Angeles Clippers game.

“In an effort to find a path forward, New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan, Charles Oakley, and I met today at the league office, along with [Hornets owner] Michael Jordan, who participated by phone,” Silver said in a prepared statement.

“Both Mr. Oakley and Mr. Dolan were apologetic about the incident and subsequent comments, and their negative impact on the Knicks organization and the NBA,” Silver said. “Mr. Dolan expressed his hope that Mr. Oakley would return to MSG as his guest in the near future.”

It seems as if the matter might soon be respectfully and productively resolved.

Dolan announced last week that Oakley was banned from MSG. Oakley was arrested and charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of misdemeanor trespassing. Dolan said the organization ejected Oakley because he was being verbally abusive to security while seated near the team owner.

Oakley said hell to the naw, it didn’t go down like that.

After the incident, Dolan also suggested that Oakley has a drinking problem.

Dolan has received the bulk of the criticism and plenty of ire from the team’s fans for his treatment of one of the franchise’s most beloved players in the modern era.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said earlier today that if Dolan did not lift Oakley’s  ban from the arena, his National Action Network would organize a group to picket outside of Madison Square Garden from here on out.

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