The Carters are 2013’s Top Music Money Makers…Technically.

At first glance, hip hop seems to be missing from Billboard's list of the top 40 music money makers of 2013, with Jay Z, king of all MC's, sitting at number 16 with $15,652,428.82. Kanye is #26 with $11,574,833.92. Lil Wayne is #37 with $8,788,416.66. And Eminem narrowly made it at #39 with $8,524,782.99.  

Jay's long number comes from not only sales of Magna Carter…Holy Grail, which hit number one on the Billboard chart in its debut, but also from his tour in support of the album featuring Justin Timberlake (who ranked #3 on the list making $31,463,297.03).

Although Jay's $15.6 million does not include his wealth from fashion, sports, film, and the assorted projects he's put his name behind during 44 years of life, it also certainly does not include the wealth of his queen, Beyoncé. Mrs. Carter is ranked #6 raking in $24,429,176.86 in 2013.

And if the known matrimonial words of "What's mine is yours. What's yours is mine" hold true, then the Carters should technically be number #1 on Billboard's list with a combined 2013 music money making total of $40,081,605.68. This would edge them out slightly ahead of Taylor Swift who topped Billboard's list with $39,699,575.60.

How's that for marital bliss?


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