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Hot Takes Of The Week On NBA Fan Club On Clubhouse!

  1. “If Lebron wins a ring this year he will be the GOAT. If he beats the Nets he will be the GOAT.” 

2. “If the Brooklyn Nets don’t win the championships this year it’ll be the greatest disaster in history”

3. “All of these super teams in the NBA are becoming boring and bad for the NBA”

4. “Lebron is the originator of the Super Teams “ 

Highlight Topic Of The Week

The highlight of the week was when Isaiah Johnson (15.7K followers) the Creator & Host of NBA Fan Club, the largest sports club on Club House, opened up an impromptu room to discuss NBA star Russell Westbrook‘s legacy after the 9-time all-star, two-time All-Star Game MVP and 2016-17 season league MVP, became the first player since Magic Johnson to post a 30-10-20 triple-double.  

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By final whistle on Monday, Westbrook had racked up 35 points, 14 rebounds and a career-best 21 assists in the Wizards’ 132-124 victory over the Pacers.

It marked just the third time in league history a player topped 30 points, 10 rebounds and 20 assists: Oscar Robertson (32-15-20) did so on Dec. 11, 1961, vs. Chicago; Magic Johnson (32-11-20) turned in the other on Nov. 28, 1988, at Philadelphia.

The only Wizards player to achieve a 20-point, 20-assist triple-double was the great Rod Strickland (21-12-20) on Feb. 10, 1998.



The NBA Clubhouse discussion quickly got heated as Johnson posed this question to his audience: Is Russell Westbrook Still A Top 5 PG In The NBA? 

That question ignited an opinionated and emotional conversation that lasted over an hour. There were some people who felt Westbrook was undervalued despite his accomplishments. Westbrook proponents relied heavily on his statistical dominance and excused his inability to win a championship by blaming a lack of chemistry he’s had on past teams. Some claimed he never had a team that fit his skill set. 

Westbrook haters said he was similar to Carmelo Anthony in that he has a reputation as a selfish player who can’t lead a team to a championship. Low efficiency and IQ in clutch moments. They criticized his shooting, his decision making and his leadership, which surely incited his supporters. 

Johnson was very liberal with the mic and basically acted as a moderator, allowing most of the participants in the room to speak their minds about the subject if they wished. 

Crowd participation versus listening to someone lecture is one of the elements that makes NBA Fan Club, the largest sports room on Clubhouse. 


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