The Best In The Game | Davante Adams Named To Second Consecutive 99 Madden Ratings Club

When you’re good you’re great, and there’s nothing like a popular generational video game to validate your elite status. Davante Adams is a perfect example of this, as he has been named to the 99 Club for a second year in a row on the upcoming Madden 23.

The new Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver was named to the 99 Club last year when Madden 22 came out, and after another stellar season he is returning to that club for the new installment of the popular football video game franchise. 

Currently, Adams is the only player to be introduced as a 99 overall in the game besides pass rusher Myles Garrett, but Madden is still doing their rating rollouts. Though nothing is guaranteed, we can expect to see other returning members such as Aaron Donald, Tom Brady, Jalen Ramsey and more. These are all players who’ve had electrifying seasons and have had impacts paramount to their teams’ successes. 

The 99 overall rating isn’t just given to anyone though. There are tons of players who could’ve been a 99 rating in the upcoming game. The obvious snub is Cooper Kupp, who won the triple crown for most receiving touchdowns, yards, and catches last season. He also won the Super Bowl, and won the Super Bowl MVP all in one year. Sadly, he couldn’t crack the 99 barrier. He was rated a 98. 

Don’t let that take away from what Davante Adams has done. This past season Adams tallied up 123 catches for 1,553 yards and 12 touchdowns with Green Bay. Not many receivers have seasons like that, but what charts Adams as the best player in the video game so far is that he’s done this consistently. Having three 1,300-plus yard seasons in the past four seasons is a model of consistency, and putting in the time and work to constantly achieve these statistics slates him as the best wide receiver in the game. 

But regardless of his consistency, his statistics correlate to his ratings perfectly. 123 receptions in a season warrants a Catch Rating of 99, a quick receiver Adams received a 90 speed rating, and a 95 agility rating which are some of the most useful attributes of a player in this game.

His spectacular catch and catch-in-traffic attributes are both maxed out, an ode to the type of receiver he is when going up for contested catches. But the attributes that are most keen to his play style are his route-running attributes (short, medium, and deep), which are 98, 97, and 95, respectively. Davante Adams is the best route runner in the league, and those elite attributes are a testament to his mastery of running routes and getting open. 

Next to QB Derek Carr, running back Josh Jacobs, and tight end Darren Waller, players will have tons of fun playing with Davante Adams and the Raiders. This team looks to be a fan favorite, along with the rest of the AFC West Teams who all have elite-level teams.

Many Madden players will look to run leagues through the AFC West where they can each control these top-tier teams to play with each other. Not to mention that in real life Davante Adams makes the Raiders a contender now that they have a receiver that can add a new dynamic to their offense. Madden players surely can’t wait to play with Adams in the silver, white, and black and terrorize opponents with him.

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