The Beef Between Tom Thibodeau and Chicago’s Front Office Continues

It seems that Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau doesn’t have all of the control of his team. According to the Daily News, the front office wants to help coach Thibs manage his players minutes, whether he likes it or not.

From: NY Daily News

Tom Thibodeau is one of the NBA’s top coaches, but when it comes to managing minutes of his top players, he is going to get some help, even if he doesn’t want it. The Bulls’ front office has been taking an active role in telling Thibodeau how he’ll dispense minutes to Joakim Noah, among others. And these are two parties that have had their differences in the past.

When the front office is trying to influence the coach's basketball decisions, it's quite clear that they don’t like the way he is running the team. It is true that in the past Thibodeau has made some questionable moves involving his player’s minutes. One example is how much he has over played Luol Deng, who led the league in minutes played last season.