The Baltimore Ravens Are Conflicted About Their Stance On Fantasy Football

After booting a game-winning 61-yard field goal through the uprights, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker talked about the dual benefits of his kick to the Ravens' playoff hopes and his own fantasy football team. However, on Twitter the next day, Torrey Smith inveighed against fantasy football in a series of tweets. Smith's tweets were the result of Twitter followers upset that Smith only caught four catches for 69 yards while most teams were playing in their respective fantasy semifinals.

I get Smith's stance, but he's coming on a little strong. There are fans that take fantasy football way too seriously, but a few of these tweets directed at Smith were facetious in nature and somewhat self-deprecating. Besides, there are 31 other teams in this league. They all don't care about the Ravens win.

Tell em' how you feel Torrey. However, Justin Tucker may not want to check his roster with Smith over his shoulder. That won't end well.