Texans WR Andre Johnson Unsure About Future In Houston

One of the latent reverberations of the Houston Texans passing on the deep class of quarterback prospects is that they'll enter the 2014 season with a deep stable of pass rushers, but their inept passing attack likely won't get an upgrade. Case Keenum, Tom Savage, Ryan Fitzpatrick and T.J. Yates don't inspire much confidence. In fact, their aerial offense may be getting worse if Andre Johnson continues having doubts about whether he'd like to remain a Texan into next season. 

Johnson will be turning 33 in July and after a decade with one franchise, the losing is beginning to enervate him and has the Texan vet contemplating a post-Houston future. 

Via Houston Chronicle/CBS Sports

"Nobody's been here as long as I have," Johnson said, via the Houston Chronicle. "You just kind of look at things. I've been thinking about things this offseason. And I just kind of wonder sometimes, 'Is this still the place for me?'"

A new coach for the Texans hasn't eased Johnson's rebuilding concerns, either, because he has seen it happen before. Bill O'Brien will be the third coach Johnson has played for in Houston — four if you count interim coach Wade Phillips in 2014.

"When you bring a new coach in, you go through a rebuilding process," Johnson said. "Some people say it's not. Some people say it's a quick fix. Everybody has their own opinion. But I've been through the situation more than once."

There have been concerns about Johnson's dwindling abilities for the past two seasons prompting Houston to draft DeAndre Hopkins as his eventual heir to the No. 1 wide out depth chart spot in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. What makes a trade unlikely is that Johnson has three years, $3.5 million remaining on his contract and the Texans would be forced to absorb $11.96 million on their cap for next season.

When the time comes, the Texans will get rid of Johnson if it benefits him. It's only right he starts looking out for self.

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