Ten HBCU Baseball Programs Receive Technology From Rapsodo To Level the Playing Field

HBCU schools traditionally have not been provided the same sports technology access many larger PWIs receive that gives them a leg up in player development and recruiting. 

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Financial shortcomings and a lack of resources have caused top Black baseball players to shun HBCUs for better-funded and more high profile institutions of academia, thus weakening the potential of the HBCU in recruiting.  

To help combat this, Rapsodo partnered with the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Braves Foundation to bring its technology, data and expertise to help level the playing for ten partner HBCU baseball programs across the Southeast. 

To help expand the Braves’ diversity programs and initiatives, Rapsodo will join in providing its HITTING 2.0 and PITCHING 2.0 units, education, analytics support, and testing access.

 Additionally, Rapsodo will provide HBCU athletes and individuals participating in the Braves’ youth development programs free access to RapScore – the first standardized test that calculates a score to rank player performance at all levels to help with player development and recruiting efforts.

In addition, the ten HBCU schools now have access to data analytics to capture, track and develop athletes’ progress. Rapsodo’s technology puts these student athletes on equal footing with other colleges across the nation not only from a development standpoint, but by also providing the players and coaches with consistent metrics that allows them to be seen and measured by scouts.

As their partner, these offerings are aimed at providing young, diverse athletes across the Southeast with the same tools used by all 30 MLB teams. Local youth athletes with limited access to baseball technology and recruiting opportunities now have the chance to evaluate their skills at upcoming training camps and showcases to increase exposure to recruiters for potential scholarship and recruiting opportunities. 

“Rapsodo’s technology was created to help athletes reach their greatest potential, and to be able to do this alongside the Braves and provide this opportunity to underserved youth is a great privilege,” said Batuhan Okur, founder and CEO of Rapsodo. “The Rapsodo team is passionate about utilizing our technology to better communities and the game of baseball, and this partnership is a continuation of that mission.” 

 “The Braves have always sought to change the dynamics of baseball by lowering the barrier to entry to develop the greatest potential and find the best players out there,” said Adrian Williams, Braves senior director of diversity and community.

“Our ongoing partnership with HBCUs and incorporating technology into our RBI program has done just that, and we are thrilled to bring Rapsodo on board to continue to elevate the opportunities for these young athletes. Rapsodo’s training technology and analytics are putting these athletes at a much higher advantage of improving their skills and being seen by top recruiters.”

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