‘Tampon Bay. Tom Booty. Ya Dig’ | Antonio Brown Keeps Coming For Tom Brady Amid His Historic Struggles

If anything, Antonio Brown is consistent. When the former NFL wideout feels some type of way, he will not stop until the person he is coming for feels it and the world also knows it. Enter Tom Brady, who has been catching the wrath of the athlete-turned-rapper recently, and it seems there is no stopping AB’s onslaught.

โ€œTampon Bayย Tom Booty ya dig,โ€ was one tweet Brown issued late Sunday afternoon.

What’s worse is that AB is tormenting Tom on social media amid his uncharacteristic performances with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. Many are wondering why Brady even un-retired in the first place to play like this.

On Sunday, the Bucs fell stunningly to the Carolina Panthers, 21-3. The Bucs have dropped their fourth out of the past five games to fall to an abysmal 3-4. The loss was reminiscent of last week’s game in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, where they faced another one-win team that they were highly favored to beat. A backup quarterback even led the Panthers, just as the Steelers did against a Brady-led offense.

Still, they fell embarrassingly.

“No one feels good about where we’re at, no one feels good about how we’ve played or what we’re doing,” said Brady post-game. “We’re all in it together. We’ve gotta go pull ourselves out of it.”

The loss finds him below .500 seven games into the season for the first time since 2002. Even first-year head coach Todd Bowles couldn’t believe what his team was delivering.

We’re not playing well. We’re not playing well as individuals. We’re not playing well as a team,” said Bowles post-game. “We’re not coaching well. All around. We’re not scoring enough on offense. We’re not stopping them enough on defense. So, as a result โ€” we have to wear this on our sleeve. We’ve got to be grown men. We’re going to see what we’re made of โ€” how many people can handle adversity? This is as dark as it’s going to be right now.

“Those guys who are going to step up are going to show up this week in practice. Our leaders are going to lead. Our coaches are going to coach. We’re just going to dig and keep our head down. It’s a prideful football game. Either you can or you can’t. We’re going to see what we have going forward and see how many people crumble when it’s dark, and see how many people step up and starting playing better.

“We as a team, starting with me and the coaches, and the players have got to be accountable as well โ€” it’s a dark day for us losing the way we did and with the mistakes that we had, that we shouldn’t have had,” he continued. “You can’t do nothing but pick your shirt up by the tail. We own it, we have to own it, to a man, we have to stand up here and own it and make no excuses, and we’ve just got to start digging.”

However, Brown smells blood, and like a shark, he is going for the kill. After making nuanced posts that suggest he might have had more than a friendly relationship with Brady’s wife, Gisele Bรผndchen, Brown is kicking Brady while he is down in a scorched campaign against the beleaguered QB and the team that he felt did him wrong.

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