T.I. And Atlanta Artists “Rise Up” Against The Falcons For Choosing Rotimi To Sing Their Team Anthem | What In The A-Town, Shawty?

Word to the wise, if you are going to represent that G.A. red clay, you best check in with the real locals first. Case in point, actor-singer Rotimi, best known for his role in the “Power” series, is now the voice of the anthem for the Atlanta Falcons. However, there is only one major problem, Rotimi is an ATL transplant from New Jersey.

Now homegrown hero and recording artist T.I. has a problem with this.

“Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons, listen, who in the f**k did you call, bro?” T.I. asked on his Instagram page. “I ain’t got no problem with Rotimi. Rotimi is a good cat, man. I f**k with Rotimi. He’s a brother. He’s an ally. He’s a brother, and we f**k with him. We have so much culture, so much talent in the city, man. So many hardcore, diehard Falcon fans that happen to be A-list talent in the city.”

With Atlanta taking on the mantle of Black Hollywood, the city has been the breeding ground of superstars in music and film for years and understands its place in the entertainment spectrum. With many of rap music’s leading artists being from and living in Atlanta, it was a head-scratching moment to see Rotimi repping the city officially via a cosign by the resident NFL franchise.

However, T.I. and other local luminaries want an explanation.

“I know Quavo would’ve did it. I know 2 Chainz would’ve did it,” T.I. continued. “I know Killer Mike would’ve did it. I mean, I would’ve did it. I know Jeezy would’ve did it. Bruh, who approved that? Who’s sitting in these meetings?”

Tip upped the ante by showing the Falcons what they missed when he posted a moving picture of himself, Ludacris, and Jeezy with a song featuring them against Falcons imagery.

“Yoooo @atlantafalcons Dis what it’s posed to hit like… Y’all need some help hit us,” Tip captioned. It didn’t take long for one of the other artists to chime in.

“Dats Powerful!” Ludacris responded.

Rotimi must have heard the noise, and after the Dirty Birds lost their season opener on Sunday, Rotimi posted a funny video where he took the blame for the Falcons’ season-opener loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The Falcons blew a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter to their division rival New Orleans Saints to lose 27-26. J.I.D. even blamed the Rotimi-helmed anthem for the Falcons choking yet another game late.

“The loss is no coincidence,” J.I.D. wrote.

Although the Falcons’ defense was compelling and had Saints quarterback Jameis Winston always under pressure, they still blew the lead to lose the game for three quarters. They even disrupted New Orleans’ offense, except for Taysom Hill, by blitzing, but it wasn’t enough, leaving the Falcons faithful scratching their heads.

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Now any abnormality is up for debate as to why the team lost, and Rotimi is the most convenient target. Transplants, beware if you plan on making a name in the ATL and get approached by the Atlanta Falcons, fall back or face the Peachtree pressure.

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