SXSW Day Two

Wake up, grab some water. Process. Eat breakfast tacos. Discover plan for the day is useless because you have a wristband instead of a badge and can't attend certain events. Head to 2dopeboyz x NahRight showcase with Talib Kweli instead.

Spend thirty minutes looking for parking. Yell at a guy in a van for trying to steal your spot. Witness a singer offer $500 blowjobs (will take $500 dollars for sexual favors) after the show for gas money.

Enter showcase. Buy drink you also though would be free. Watch DJ 100 Proof play songs mostly about weed followed by a huge DJ named New York Giant get absolutely no love in Texas.

Head to see a friend of a friend's band just outside the city. Accidentally run over bus stop in a borrowed truck. Randomly watch three dudes who happen to be from your high school kill it just after a chick singer/drummer had the entire crowd mesmerized. Meet King Hipster. Grab solo cup, tilt, fill.

Eat some Mexican/barbecue pizza. Call cab. Told wait is 90 minutes. Get another ride from a friend who will just grab that cab when it gets there because not everyone is ready. That cab never comes. They get stuck at home.

Enter Green Label Sound House and catch enough of Earl Sweatshirt's set to hear “Earl.” Buy drink. Get free Mountain Dew swag. Have second conversation about where the hell Trinidad Jame$ came from.

Witness DJ Premier absolutely own a crowd of people born in the ‘80s with music from the ‘80s while Nick Cannon stands next to the stage rapping his ass off. Listen to people yelling at sound guy in the back because they messed up Joey Bada$$'s introduction, who beasts through his set despite barely having vocal chords after a long week.

Pro Era crew joins Joey on a now packed, small stage and perform “School High.” Inhale. Get beer from friend who actually managed to find a ride downtown. Lose said friend on his mission to find cigarettes.

Honor Capital STEEZ before final song of Pro Era set which is absolutely nuts. Consider that the two artists you were just blown away by are still in high school. Drink.

Find friend. Get food from a truck, which is ironic because it's as close as we will get to a vehicle that might be able to take us home for the rest of the night. Pass a dude on the 2.5 mile walk home, and then catch him again walking in the opposite direction one hour later. Never figure out how that was possible.

Water. Arrange pillow conglomerate on the floor. Pass out.

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