Swedish Footballer Speaks Out Against Racism Received On Social Media

Sweden’s midfielder Jimmy Durmaz spoke out on Sunday after receiving a lot of racism over social media. Durmaz fouled Germany’s Toni Kroos outside the box that lead to a free kick that sealed the match.

Durmaz, who was born in Sweden and is of Turkish descent and simply because of that some keyboard warriors decided it was okay to spew their hate on social media.

Sweden midfielder Jimmy Durmaz makes powerful statement against racism after abuse

Sweden midfielder Jimmy Durmaz delivered a powerful statement against racism after being targeted on social media for giving away the free-kick that led to Germany’s stoppage-time winner in Sochi on Saturday. The whole squad lined up behind Durmaz to underline that they support him, and his message.

I am a footballer at the highest level, being criticised is something we live with, but being called fucking immigrant and suicide bomber, and having death threats made against me and my children is completely unacceptable, Durmaz said.

I am Swedish, and with pride, I wear our shirt and our flag. I want to thank the fine, wonderful people who spread joy. It warms us all. We stand united, we are Sweden.

At the end of his individual statement, the entire team yelled, “Fuck racism.”

Here was the goal that led to insane Germany win.

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TONI KROOS CALLED GAME. What a set piece! What a goal! https://t.co/KA0QkOSWZN

For anyone who watched as Sweden squandered a tie even after being up a man, could tell that the Durmaz foul was one of many things that went wrong for their squad in those final 10-15 minutes.

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