Suspects Arrested In Toronto Raptors Parade Shooting

Gun violence has been at the forefront of the sports world this week.

A few days after Washington Mystics guard Natasha Cloud challenged the mayor of D.C. to roll up her sleeves and do something about the bullets that have been flying through school windows and within feet of innocent Southeast school children, the Toronto Raptors victory parade became the latest venue scarred by gun violence as four people were injured and three suspects arrested.

CBS News on Twitter

Cell phone video shows a stampede of panicked fans after a shooting at a Toronto Raptors NBA championship parade. At least two people were shot


According to USA Today,” Toronto police said three people were arrested and authorities recovered two guns in the aftermath of the violence that marred what had been a joyous affair for …people who turned out to show the Raptors love.”

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NEW Video sent by a viewer to CP24 shows the moment one of the suspects were taken down by Toronto Police and TTC Special Constables. Toronto Police now say 4 people were injured in the Raptors parade shooting and 3 were arrested. 2 weapons recovered.

“I’m not happy that there’s a shooting that occurred,” Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said, the Washington Post reports. “But I’m also not going to let this shooting define the fantastic event that took place where we had so many people who had such a great time.”

With more than 1 million people in attendance, the bullets rang out at about 3:45 p.m. near the end of the parade route and incredibly while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was speaking.

Once the gun went off, people began to run in a panic. A stampede ensued, but luckily it was restricted to one area of the parade. CNN confirmed that most of the people in attendance had no idea that it was happening until alerted by social media.

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Breaking shooting at #TorontoRaptors parade

The Canadian government has not released the names of the suspects and have tried to downplay the violence, for the most part, refusing to let the historic and festive occasion be marred by a few loose cannons.

You have to figure that if you bring 1 million people together in one place, there has to be at least 100 potential nut jobs in the group.

Justin Trudeau on Twitter

I hope all those injured in today’s shooting have a speedy recovery, and I’d like to thank the Toronto Police for acting so quickly. We won’t let this act of violence take away from the spirit of today’s parade.

Unfortunately, a breakthrough moment in the history of Canadian professional sports only further revealed the serious problems we have with gun control, not just in the U.S. but in our neighboring Canada.

What should be remembered as a once in a lifetime moment of sports euphoria, will forever be remembered as another clear sign that guns in the wrong hands kill, maim and wound innocent people. It also reminds us why so many people fight for tougher gun legislation and others hold their local politicians accountable when tragedies such as these occur.

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