Is This What We’re Doing? | Super Football Team IMG Academy Blasts West Toronto Prep 96-0, Game Stopped At Halftime

IMG Academy, a national football powerhouse, scored 96 points by the end of the first half against West Toronto Prep on Saturday. The officials saw enough and called the game, sparing West Toronto any further embarrassment.

IMG scored 57 points in the first quarter and another 39 in the second. The defense and special teams put up four touchdowns and three safeties in the game. IMG scored 13 total touchdowns. 

This was the seventh straight win for IMG since losing the season opener against Miami Central 20-14. They are ranked 12th in the Super 25 poll and has won its past four games by a combined score of 254-0. 

IMG Academy is full of four- and five-star recruits, including five-star prospects Jihaad Campbell (committed to Alabama) and Daylen Everette (committed to Georgia).

The next game for IMG Academy is Nov. 18 with St. Frances Academy (Baltimore), the second-ranked team in the nation

No high school team should be able to score 96 points in a half against another in a matchup between even talent.

West Toronto, based out of Canada, is a prep school like IMG, but it seems to be lacking the same level of talent. The Golden Warriors of West Toronto Prep had been outscored 195–6 entering the game.

Is this what we’re doing at the high school level? We know lower-level college programs play high majors, but the school gets a check for getting their butts kicked. What do these kids get out of being on a team that scores 96 points at the half, or on the team that gives up 96?

They certainly don’t learn about competing. They aren’t developing any skills or working on improved cohesive play. The Golden Warriors could barely execute the center to quarterback exchange effectively.

There is a change that has overtaken youth sports in the past two decades. The increase in private training and specialization. Instead of young athletes developing through cross-sport play and natural progression, young athletes of means access specialized coaching and training all in the name of hopefully progressing to the next level.

These specialized training programs and private coaching sessions are not cheap. Private quarterback lessons can be as high as $650 a session.

Athletes of lesser means are at an obvious disadvantage, assuming equal level talent to an athlete of means.

Now in the case where athletic talent is overwhelming but means are limited you’ll happily find one of these private coaches and trainers willing to forgo their fees in the short term for a potential future payday. But that’s only the case of a sure thing.

Very little information exists about West Toronto Prep online. There is a website, but not a whole lot of information about the school and the academic environment. Is this a Bishop Sycamore part two?

“Being an immersive program, though, it’s about getting them the true experience of being a true student-athlete and being on the road, staying in a hotel, and still getting the grades,” said co-founder O’Neil Wilson. “Our guys are tested and it’s about mentorship for our coaches. We’re here to prepare them for university.”

Not sure how getting blown out is preparing these kids for university, and their academic preparedness is unknown at this point.

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