Super Bowl In Tweets

Beyoncé gave a masterful performance at halftime. Then the lights went out at the Super Dome. Afterward ensued one of the better halves of football we’ve seen in a while. Ray Lewis got his second ring and Joe Flacco made himself a lot of money. Commercials were riveting as always and of course Twitter was on full tilt. What an amazingly crazy night and it was great to watch along with you guys on Twitter.

Gumbo can change lives.



Maybe it was both?



Jacoby Jones was getting down!



Yes and you will deal.



It worked.



I agree he was terrible.



Well played!



What did you think the Ravens were doing that whole time?



You did more in the commercial.



They were right. 




Way to capture the moment.



They made it work.



It ended up being tied so you can stay at home.





He got his ring!



She really stole the show.



He got roasted all the way around.



New Orleans, Stand Up!



In the NBA he’d be gone for three games.



He really does.



I’d have taken 100 takes with that woman.



Never forget.



They were wonderful!






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