Super Bowl 2022 Betting Predictions

The wicked never rest in the sports betting industry. A couple of minutes after the last confetti piece fell from the sky following Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl win at Raymond James Stadium, sportsbooks in different places around the world have been putting out the odds of Super Bowl LVI so that bettors can have a chance to get in early on the fun of participating.  

For the majority of people, the thought of having to wait the entire year to win a ticket is unbearable. 

For some players, these numbers present the best odds that they’ll get on certain teams as we get into a season that will be filled with lots of moving pieces. This especially applies to the quarterback position. With the training camps, draft, and free agency yet to come, here are the early Super Bowl LVI odds that will boost your gambling performance this year.

Super Bowl Odds

The Favorites: Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Buffalo, and Green Bay

The Chiefs limped into the Super Bowl game with a damaged offensive line, a gimpy quarterback and faced one of the league’s most ferocious defenses. If they played 10 times, the Chiefs probably win 9 of them. However, it wasn’t meant to be this season. 

The Chiefs are looking forward to taking another crack at it next season. With Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce leading the offense, they are highly likely to be the favorites next year.

When it comes to the Buffalo Bills, what can we say? Sometimes, they show how brilliant they are especially when avid gamblers use the best PA sports betting sites to increase their chances of winning. And other times, they forget how to play football. They got inspired at the right time last season,  finishing the regular season on a four-game win streak.

And then, they proceeded to win multiple playoff games. With Josh Allen leading the way, Buffalo has a great shot of going to the Super Bowl in 2022. 

The Buffalo team is expected to bring most of their offense. Their chances of winning through NJ betting sites are higher compared to that of the Ravens.

Tom Brady reported that he’s returning for another season at 44 years of age. 

Because of his age, the chances of some opposing teams winning it all will increase. Brady will be one year older and Antonio Brown and favorite-target Rob Gronkowski might not be there next year. The defense also has a lot of unanswered questions. Can they resign everyone?  Catching lightning in a bottle is quite difficult. And so is defending a title. 

The same is true about the Packers. 

Before the previous season started, it was reported that Aaron Rodgers would participate and win MVP just to annoy the front office for failing to give him offensive help. He did that. But what were the repercussions? At the moment, there is a rift between him and the coordinators. And there’s nothing that can be overlooked. Rodgers might have another MVP season next year. However, the chances are slimmer, because like BRady he is fighting Mother Nature, and last we checked she’s undefeated. Therefore, the odds of Rodgers maintaining his dominance decreases with every passing day. 

The Contenders:

Baltimore, New Orleans, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Arizona, Washington, Las Vegas, Carolina, Chicago, LA Rams, Miami

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to win, this is the appropriate range in which you’d manage to find a winner since the prices are justifiable. There are lots of playoff teams and division winners from the previous year, a couple of teams who were about to crack the playoffs, and several teams expected to make a major leap the following year. Others have made improvements and changes in coaching and personnel and hope to bounce back in 2022. 

NFC East squads like Dallas, Philly, and Washington have an easier road to the playoffs because the division is so bad. 

The Cowboys with Dak Prescott back in the fold (4-year $160 million, $66 million guaranteed)  are a good bet to make the playoffs and win the Division. People feel the Rams have upgraded at QB, getting rid of Jared Goff and bringing in former Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford. 

When it comes to the Cowboys, expect a bounce-back season from Ezekiel Elliot. 

The Rest

Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Detroit Lions, Houston, and New York Jets

The Giants have a shot thanks to the division they participate in. However, Dallas’ figures are expected to rise next year. And this will give them a huge winning margin. If Houston retains Deshaun Watson that will definitely increase their chances, If you are a fan of the teams that we’ve listed above, you can save a load of gambling money.

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