The ongoing Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL is apparently taking a turn in Kaepernick’s favor, as the blackballed NFL QB and social freedom fighter’s lawyer Mark Geragos hinted that a bombshell witness is prepared to “dime out the NFL" and blow the case wide open. 

According to ProFootballTalk, the attorney for former Kaepernick and blackballed safety Eric Reid is “hinting” that a witness in their collusion case can come forward with concrete evidence of a conspiracy to keep the players out of the league for kneeling during the national anthem.

ProFootballTalk on Twitter

Kaepernick's lawyer: "this case is about to take a dramatic turn . . . somebody has decided they were going to dime out the NFL"

It would be confirmation of what we’ve known for some time, but legally it would certainly turn the tides in Kaepernick’s favor and be another key layer in the burden of proof he needs to convince the courts that the NFL owners AND The President colluded to keep him out of the league because of his kneeling for the anthem

Lawyer Mark Geragos said on CNN Wednesday night that the NFL owners are conspiring against his clients to appease President Trump, and he suggested that more evidence will surface soon.

“I would stay tuned because this case is about to take a dramatic turn,” he said.

Via, “Asked what he means by that, Geragos wouldn’t offer specifics other than a suggestion that “somebody has decided they were going to dime out the NFL for what they were doing.”

The statement perked the interests of several of the African-American community's social media watchdogs.  

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"That may mean a witness can come forward who will contradict the stated position of the NFL, which is that each team decides for itself whether a player can help that team, and that if Kaepernick and Reid aren’t on a roster, it’s because teams have individually decided they can’t help.

If Geragos can produce a witness from the league office, or a team’s coaching staff or personnel department, who can testify that the football people do, in fact, think Kaepernick and Reid can contribute, but that owners and the league office have decided that Kaepernick and Reid are not to see the field, that would go a long way toward making the players’ case.”

If Team Kaep can come up with a coach or personnel department employee willing to break the code of silence and consistent sparks of white rage,  risk never working in the NFL again and do the right thing, then it will be a bombshell moment in NFL history. One that illuminates a damning portrayal of the NFL’s insensitivity to social rights, its corporate morality and slave mentality. 

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