Steve Kerr Hits Nothing But Net: Colin Kaepernick Is Being Blackballed

Steve Kerr is at it again.  The Golden State Warriors head coach has been one of the most outspoken voices in the National Basketball Association since Donald Trump was elected. He has wisely addressed societys slights toward minority populations in America and in a recently aired interview with former Obama administrative adviser Dan Pfeiffer, Kerr reiterated a stance he has stated on numerous occasions in support of Colin Kaepernick.

Oh, he is being blackballed. Thats a no-brainer, Kerr said. All you have to do is read the transactions every day, when you see the quarterbacks who are being hired. Hes way better than any of them.  But the NFL has a different fan base than the NBA. The NBA is more urban, the NFL is more conservative, and I think a lot of NFL fans are truly angry at Kaepernick, and I think owners are worried what its going to do to business.

The interview with Steve Kerr starts at 56:15 and his comments on Colin Kaepernick are at 1:05:10.

Yes, the NFL owners are afraid of Kap. However, they didnt seem to be this averse to hiring those accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, theft, and even those whose negligence resulted in the death of others. But this is not only an indictment on the NFL, but those fans who would readily cast aside a social activist yet cheer feverishly for others who slights are afoul of the law and human decency.

If you are a general manager, you do have to worry about the circus that would erupt if you signed Kaepernick, he continued. Thats not justifying not signing him, but its understanding what youre getting into.

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