Steve Harvey Is Still Eating

Steve Harvey has been a trail-blazer for years in the entertainment business. Hosting a successful syndicated radio and being the first African American host of “Family Feud” are major accomplishments.  Now Harvey has put himself into another stratosphere by having his self-titled talk show renewed for a second season.

I have to admit I was skeptical when I read that my TSL colleague Khalid Salaam wrote about the “Steve Harvey” show being based off his book and subsequent movie Act like a Lady, Think like a Man. I was afraid that one time we get to see a black man on a day show he would be selling the same old huckster advice while wearing those 10 button suits. Thankfully I was wrong. Harvey is becoming a trusted voice in daytime TV by combining his humor, savvy and toughness into quality entertainment. 

Harvey’s show is currently the second highest rated day time talk show and he just won the “People Choice” Favorite New Talk Show award.

No matter how much the world tries to tell us we live in a post-racial society, seeing a black man win on a mainstream level to this magnitude is huge. Daytime TV is when the real decision makers in most households tune in. The ads that run during those times are the  lifeblood of networks. It’s one thing for a brother to sling sneakers and headphones. But to see a black man be entrusted with time slot where minivans, pampers and household products are sold is remarkable. I wouldn’t be writing this piece nor would a site like TSL exist if it weren’t for Ralph Wiley, Mike Wilbon, William Rhoden and many others wouldn’t have paved the way for us. Hopefully Harvey’s shining example will do the same for a new generation for black men in TV.

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