Stephen Jones: Romo Is Just Like Lebron Before His First Title

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is one of many quarterbacks feeling the pressure this season. According to USA Today, Dallas Cowboys exec Stephen Jones feels Romo is experiencing the same pressure and scrutiny that LeBron James went through before he won his first championship with the Miami Heat.

"I completely understand here in Dallas there is a high bar when you look at some of the quarterbacks that we’ve had here and the championships that they’ve won,” Jones said on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “I think Tony would be the first to tell you that he’s disappointed that his success in the postseason and winning a Super Bowl hasn’t been better. But if you look at how he’s performed year in and year and year out, I saw some very interesting statistics on him after the first 100 games and I think he ranks with just about anybody in terms of his first 100 NFL football games. But I think in due time he’ll get his justice, his day in court and when he does lead us to a Super Bowl, which I do think will happen, then I think all the doubters will go by the wayside. You look at just the history of athletes in general, whether it’s a LeBron James or anybody, there’s a lot of criticism until you put those championship rings on their fingers."

During his eight-year Cowboys career, Romo has racked up passing records, but he's only got one playoff win to his credit. Jones feels that Romo is a Super Bowl away from getting his due. Nobody wanted to give LeBron an all-time great tag until he took Miami to back-to-back c'hips. Some say the criticism is unfair because there are a bunch of other guys on both sides of the ball with responsibilities. Romo gets paid like a legend and plays for one of the most popular sports franchises on the globe, so he will have to deal with the good and bad of what's been a great situation for him personally.