Stephen Jackson Wouldn’t Want Stephen Jackson On The Spurs Either

Stephen Jackson is chillin. At least, that's what he told Express News and attempts to display on his Instagram account. He posts shots of everything, from vacations to pedicures, usually around the time the Spurs tip off. 

Surely, it's a coincidence.

Just like Jackson taking a trip to Miami right now. He's just there for fun. Not that he has much choice. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich made that clear when he dumped Jackson just before the playoffs. 

According to Jackson, it's because Pop told him he wasn't as good as Danny Green or Manu Ginobli, and that's why he didn't have great playing time. It was probably some sort of motivational tool to get the oft out of line Stephenson to chill with his ego.

That obviously didn't happen. 

Though Jackson claims to be all good ("Got my money," he told EN) you don't vacation where your ex is working. That's weird. He also says he's not upset that he's missing the finals. That can't be true either.

In fact, it may not be true for either party. Though Pop clearly wanted to cut some baggage before the team made a playoff run, Jackson would come in extremely useful against LeBron James. Deshawn Stephenson was a big problem for LeBron when the Mavs took down the Heat in 2011, using his passion, aggression and hot shooting to help get LeBron and the Heatles out of rhythm. Stephen Jackson was put in the league for that very purpose.

Instead, pride will keep him on the beach instead of the court. Without Jackson, the Spurs may join him sooner than they might like. 

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