Stephen A. Smith Instigates The LeBron And Kyrie Beef

LeBron put out his Tweet showing his support for Derrick Rose joining the fray, but we all know hes seething inside. According to Stephen A. Smith, If Kyrie was in front of LeBron right now, LeBron James would be tempted to beat his ass.

Those are strong words, but understandable. Smith wouldn’t miss an opportunity to place himself in the middle of a classic brewing beef between two NBA legends. Most of the fans know what time it is with Hollis, Queens’ most gifted sports pontificator. 

Sarah Estey on Twitter

@stephenasmith you’re hyping up #Kyrie #Lebron beef just like you did with KD and Westbrook! You should work for TMZ

Also, LeBron just got beat at his own game for the second time in two seasons. His hoop dreams have been shattered before the first game’s tip-off again. First Golden State did him dirty with the Durant singing, as they totally shifted the balance of power in the NBA. 

Now, his faithful sidekick, a guy that hes credited with taking under his wing, teaching how to win and making a better player, rocked him to sleep so to speak, and then plunged the dagger in his back. Its clear that Kyrie was containing an inner-disdain and jealousy for LeBron that we couldnt see past the blinding glitter of the celebrity lights and championship runs.  

This silent slaying of the Cleveland Cavs’ championship hopes that Irving is inflicting on King James is looking like the Kobe and Shaq feud all over again. The difference between that feud and the one that’s brewing in Cleveland is that the discourse was way more public and under the scrutiny of the Hollywood media than Cleveland’s current internal strife. 

And Shaq was way more violent and explicit in what he wanted to do to a young Kobe when discussing the issues between the two back in the day. Wanting to beat Kobe’s ass was the basics for Shaq.

Shaq Disses Kobe

Shaq disses Kobe Bryant during a freestyle rape blaming Kobe for his divorce.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have two superstars fighting an internal battle. Irving wants to breathe and spread his wings and get those headlines for himself while creating his own locker room culture. He’s not comfortable as just another member of the New Edition Cavs. He’s on his Bobby Brown sh*t right now. He’s feels like he’s the King of stage and he’s not feeling King James’ corporate-inspired, media-driven Ralph Tresvant act. 

Hes flipping out like Bishop in Juice – but before Pac started clapping everybody. Kyrie hasnt even dropped the verbal bombs that are sure to follow as to why he doesnt want to play with Bron Bron anymore. 

Just when LeBron James was at the top of his game. While everyone else in the league was resigned to existing as faces in the background, listening to the daily comparisons between James and Michael Jordan, Irving had a plan to bring down the Cleveland kingdom and flip the script on Bron’s master plan. 

Irving refuses to play the faithful soldier any longer and instead craves the power of the King. This isn’t unusual in history. The struggle for power is the basis of every great American film, TV show, cable special, political initiative and social media mockery. 

Eventually, Kyrie is going to spill the beans on this situation. And LeBron is going to respond, sparking a beef for the ages. This isn’t a celebrity death match. They are two real people trying to accomplish a goal and fulfill themselves and carry a billion dollar torch.

But the way the world shapes things and makes it difficult for two people to truly share the throne, these situations of shared power are inevitably doomed to failure. 

Golden State has done it for one season, but who knows what lies ahead. Who knows what thoughts Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are suppressing while they make the ultimate sacrifice so Kevin Durant can swoop in and take all of the acclaim and the props. That kind of individual, media and fan-driven idol worship wears on the invisible superstars. 

Truths will be revealed in the upcoming months and if the NBA is lucky, Kyrie will end up on a team in the same conference as LeBron so they can go at it several times a season and we can enjoy the beef of the century. 

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