Stephen A. Smith Calls Brooklyn Nets Hiring of Steve Nash “White Privilege” 

The Brooklyn Nets are preparing for 2021 by adding another Hall of Famer to the mix, but as the head coach. Two-time MVP Steve Nash has basically come out of the blue to sign a four-year deal as new Nets HC, winning the right to coach KD and Kyrie. 

Stephen A. Smith says that Nash is a shrewd basketball mind, a great guy and respected throughout the league. He also thinks the Canadian legend will do a solid job as coach of the Brooklyn Nets, and he’s sure that superstars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant signed off on the move. 

However, Smith says Nash getting the job with no experience is another example of white privilege and systemic racism rearing its ugly head once again in sports. 

“There’s no way around it…this is white privilege,” Smith said on ESPN’s First Take.  this doesn’t happen for a Black man.” 

Smith mentions several qualified Black coaches — with experience and a track record of success — who were overlooked by Sean Marks. 

“(These qualified Black coaches once again get passed over) for a guy…my God one of the best guys you will ever meet in your life…but a guy who has no experience whatsoever.” 

“I’m thinking about a champion that is Ty Lue — passed up. I’m thinking about a guy who built the foundation for the Golden State Warriors in Mark Jackson, passed up. I’m thinking about the years that Sam Cassell has served as an assistant first in the nation’s capital in DC and now with the Los Angeles Clippers — PASSED UP !

Nash’s hiring, says, Smith represents the corporate oppression and financial roadblocks that people are protesting against. 

“In these times where we are making all of this noise about social justice…yes that was the tipping point…George Floyd’s killing, his murder. Violence against Black men who are unarmed. All of that stuff is true. But the frustration in the streets throughout America, emanating from the Black and disenfranchised communities is that proverbial glass ceiling and the fact that it breeds a level of frustration that we can’t even put into words sometimes…you just want to scream. How the hell does this always happen for somebody other than us? Why is it that we have to be twice as good to get half as much?…I’m depressed right now because I have to bring that up.”  




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