Steph Curry Is Back And Cooking NBA Defenses Like Stir Fry

Steph Curry went down with another bad ankle and didnt play in an NBA game from Dec. 6th until his auspicious 38-point return performance on Dec. 30th. 

Since then, hes 5-0 and Splash Brother No. 1 has been making up for lost time, shooting the lights out of any gym he enters. The NBAs greatest shooter seems revived and ready to get the bag in June.  Hes in one of those incomparable shooting flows and has once again further strengthened a team that was already toying with cats without him. 

Shane Young on Twitter

Stephen Curry since returning from ankle injury: (Pts-Ast-Reb) * 38-3-4 in 25 minutes, 10/13 3PT * 32-8-5 in 34 minutes, 6/13 3PT * 29-5-9 in 37 minutes, 4/10 3PT * 45-3-6 in 30 minutes, 8/16 3PT * 32-9-4 in 35 minutes, 5/10 3PT Warriors are 5-0 in these games, +52

As we predicted, Currys absence wouldnt cripple the talent-laden Golden State Warriors, but instead provide other guys like Klay Thompson opportunities to flex their superior offensive skills and briefly emerge from Currys looming shadow of productivity and popularity. 

Thompsons performance when Curry was out and his durability over the years has some folks tabbing him as an MVP candidate at the halfway point of the regular season following Monday nights 124-114 victory over Denver. Whenever players go down on Golden State, Thompson is always up to the task. 

Anthony Slater on Twitter

Klay Thompson on his added playmaking duties tonight with KD and Curry out

Thompson is the only Warriors player to suit up and play in all 41 games so far. Hes the often overlooked constant which keeps his 6-season ledger of DNPs at less than two missed games per year. He is the anti-Curry as far as being injury prone goes. 

The win, Steph Currys fifth straight since the two-time MVP return, also reminded NBA foes why beating Golden State is a pipe dream. 

Stephen Curry Full Highlights 2018.01.06 vs Clippers – SiCK 45 Pts, 8 Threes in 3 Quarters!

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Currys absence was a perfect situation for Golden State as the team pursues its third NBA title in four seasons. Curry got to heel up and rest his ankle for the playoff run. His teammates got some shine which is always hard when Curry is draining threes, selling more jerseys than anyone and talking junk to the giants who cant seem to stop his jump-shooting flow.  

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