Steph Curry And The Warriors Are One Win From Immortality

When Chef Curry and The Pot Cookers burnt all competition to the third degree last season en route to winning the franchises first NBA Championship since 1975, everybody loved and respected the show. Three-point barrages and a wide open offense that thrives off of its three-headed beast consisting of Curry, fellow backcourt assassin Klay Thompson and the Swiss Army Knife Draymond Green. 

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As soon as the confetti dropped, talk of a dynasty hit the social media mill. There were, however, a few skeptics that wanted to see Golden State do it again before anointing them as an all-time great team.

The Warriors haven’t  wrapped up back-to-back chips yet, but for all intents and purposes it seems like a formality. They are not only doing it again, the team has elevated its level of dominance to historically relevant proportions and its happening right in front of our eyes.

After soundly defeating the San Antonio Spurs 92-86 on Sunday night, ending the Spurs quest  for the first perfect home record in NBA history, Golden State had at least clinched themselves a share of the title for best regular season NBA team in history.

They put an end to the Spurs’ 48-straight regular season win streak at home, which included an NBA-record 39 straight to begin this season. The win also marks the first time Golden State has defeated San Antonio in Texas since 1997, halting a 33-game skid. 

Everything is changing and the new guard is letting it be known that if you are waiting on San Antonio or any other team to all of a sudden be able to defeat Golden State in the playoffs, you will lose your money in Vegas.

The 1995-96 Bulls went 72-10 in the regular season and last night, behind 37 points from Curry, Golden State improved to 72-9 with a chance to break the all-time single season record on Wednesday on the last day of the regular season against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Golden State is about to break what most considered an unbreakable team record. The record seemed far-fetched more so because of the historical and blind respect NBA fans have for MJ, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen and their rings raid back in the day.

Fans have been reluctant to put Golden State on those levels, and thats understandable after just one championship.

But if you want me to believe that this team, who is basically invincible in this era, under these rules, isnt going to close the deal, I cant rock with you. Golden State has made mincemeat of all comp and they are doing it in dramatic fashion.

After suffering a loss to the lowly T-Wolves on Tuesday, and then falling to the Boston Celtics on Friday, Golden State was staring at a 69-9 record and needing to go 4-0 to knock the Bulls off its two-decade-and-running perch.

After last nights game, GSW is 3-0 and in observing Curry’s calm and confidence, it’s obvious that they expect to win that fourth in a row.  Although they have the utmost respect for Jordan’s Bulls, they also want to taste immortality and carve a special place for their own franchise in the annals of all-time NBA squads.

Curry was asked by one reporter to reflect on that ’95-’96 Bulls team as the son of an NBA player growing up. Curry says he remembers when his pops Dell Curry was balling long-range in Charlotte and Steph would stand in the tunnel where the players exit and enter the court, hoping to get a glimpse of Jordan or Pippen as they walked by. 

Curry says when the Hornets had home games against the Bulls, It  was a must see.

He says he and his brother couldnt attend his dads games on school nights but when the Bulls came in town, they had to go.

When asked if he thinks Golden State coach Steve Kerr, a member of that golden-age Bulls squad, wants his team to break the record, Curry responded with a Yes.

(If he didnt want to break the record) I would have to question his coaching intentions, Curry jokingly said while bending his head, contorting his voice a bit and smiling.

Golden State is chasing some of basketballs most respected and mythical records. Curry is quick to caution those who compare his team to Jordans Bulls and compare him to the greatest b-baller to ever palm leather. But its clear these Warriors exude that same confidence.

They have the slick-shooting point guard of that Bulls team coaching them and they have the best player in the league as well as two other Top 10 players — all balling in unison and with bad intentions towards the opposition.

Theres no pressure. That went out the window when they manhandled the King and his Cavaliers last season. Theres nothing left for fans to do but sit back and either root against them, and most likely end up playing yourself, or enjoy the show and see how long this well-balanced machine can stay on top of an ever-changing NBA.

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