Steelers’ Ryan Shazier Continues Recovery, Regains Feeling In His Legs

The good news continues for the Steelers’ Ryan Shazier.

After a brutal hit against the Bengals left Shazier grabbing his back and unable to feel his legs, many feared the worst for the rising young star. But Shazier comes from a family of great faith, and so far that faith is being rewarded as his recovery continues.

First Shazier showed up to Heinz field to cheer the team on against the Patriots, whipping the crowd into a frenzy when they saw him waving the Terrible Towel on the big screen. Last Sunday he was on hand at Heinz Field once again for the team’s season finale against the Browns and then today we learned from Vernon Shazier, Ryan’s father and a pastor at the Mount Bethel Ministries in Ft Pierce, Florida, that he can now feel his legs.

“He’s much better,” Vernon said in an interview with WPXI News 11 in Pittsburgh, “but we’ve agreed to keep his progress private until he’s ready to share where he’s at.”

“He’s making progress daily,” continued Shazier. “He’s a long ways from where he was Monday night when he was laying on the field.”

While the family hasn’t said whether Ryan is walking as of yet, they are faithfully optimistic as demonstrated by his response when asked whether his son would play football again.

“I Shalieve. I Shalieve.”

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