Stackhouse Is A Badder Man Than We Knew

Jerry Stackhouse is truly the last of a dying breed. He's one of the few guys in the NBA who you really don't want to make angry.  Stackhouse has managed to stay in the NBA for 17 years because of his tenacity and professional approach. Currently with Brooklyn Nets he’s as much more like a coach than a player due to how well respected he is.

Stackhouse is truly a pro. He’s first guy to arrive, last guy to leave, tips the clubhouse guys, and is great with the media. But, don’t be fooled as great of a player as Stackhouse was in his prime he was even better with his fists.

Most NBA fans remember Stackhouse beating up Jeff Hornacek like he stole something.  Stack also reminded Manu Ginobili to never mess with a grown man. Oh, and don’t think he just likes to pick on guard, even Shaq had be checked by the enforcer Stackhouse.

There is no questioning that Stackhouse is “bout that life”.

Stackhouse is even more trill than we knew about. In a recent Grantland article by Jonathan Abrams, Stackhouse tells a story about beating up former NBA player Kirk Snyder. Stackhouse did what Carmelo wanted us to think he wanted to do to Kevin Garnett.  Snyder played him a little too aggressive for comfort and rather than risk a fine or technical fouls by making a scene on the court he caught Snyder by the team bus. 

"I ain't even shower," he told Grantland's Jonathan Abrams. "I put on some sweats, some sneakers, and I went and stood in the tunnel. As soon as [Snyder] came out, I fired on him. I got a couple. That was it. I don't know where all these security people came from. It probably lasted 20 seconds. Everybody pulled me off and that was it


Stackhouse must have humbled Snyder pretty badly because he actually thank him for the beat down.

"He started walking to me," Stackhouse remembers. "I closed my fists, wondering what's this fool up to, thinking we're about to go in. He just came in and opened his hand out to me and said, 'Man, I really needed that.'" Snyder told Stackhouse that he had been struggling to get onto the court and wanted to impress his coach, Jerry Sloan. "I was just like, 'Damn, next time just get my number. You want to talk to somebody, we can do that without me having to pay a $1,000 fine. But it was the weirdest thing I had ever witnessed. You get into some knuckles with someone and they come back and tell you, 'I needed that.'"

If every team had a Jerry Stackhouse guys like KG would know to stop running their mouth, and we wouldn't have the buffonery of guys like JR Smith. It'll be a sad day when Stackhouse retires, let's make sure to enjoy him while he's still dispensing justice. 

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