‘Split Up Teammates Based On Where Their Grandmothers Got Laid’ | Keith Olbermann’s X-Rated World Baseball Classic Take

Former ESPN analyst Keith Olbermann had Twitter in a frenzy with his outrageous tweet about the World Baseball Classic. Mets closer Edwin Diaz suffered a torn patellar tendon while celebrating Puerto Rico’s win over Dominican Republic. It was reported by ESPN that Diaz will be out the full 2023 baseball season.

Earlier this week, Dodgers star first baseman Freddie Freeman suffered an injury also while playing for the Canadian team. It is probably why the Yankees didn’t chance it with Aaron Judge and opted to not let their $260 million star participate.

The recent injuries to MLB stars sparked a debate on Twitter about the importance of the WBC.

Keith Olbermann at an appearance on the 2013 TCA Tour. (Photo: Getty Images)

He wrote, “First Freddie Freeman, now Edwin Diaz. The WBC is a meaningless exhibition series designed to: get YOU to buy another uniform, to hell with the real season, and split up teammates based on where their grandmothers got laid. Call it off. Now.”

That prompted many responses from baseball fans on Twitter.

“Such a wildly gross way to talk about a person who suffered injury, a tournament that clearly means the world to these guys, and the ties of family and country that move them to participate. just a mean, uninteresting dude,” baseball analyst Meg Rowley commented under his tweet.

“Gross Keith. Just Gross,” freelance baseball writer AJ Gonzalez wrote.

This tweet is nothing out of the ordinary for Olbermann. Some fans on Twitter suggested that the reason he couldn’t keep his ESPN job because off his unfiltered comments.

A familiar target for right-wingers, Olbermann was accused of blaming former President Donald Trump and Barstools Sports president Dave Portnoy for the shooting that took place at a Michigan high school where a student-athlete sacrificed his own life to save his fellow classmates by jumping in front of the shooter’s line of fire.

“This kid died to stop a school shooter whose mother echoed the Trumpist Fascism of @stoolpresidente and @barstoolsports,” Olbermann tweeted. 

The WBC is just like the World Cup and Olympics. Players want to play for their native countries because they have a sense of pride about where they come from and their heritage. It is also gives the a chance to interact with players from other countries that they don’t get to regularly see.

It also gives fans another opportunity to see their favorite players that they don’t often get a chance to see.

It was reported last weekend that 47,000 fans packed Chase Field to support Mexico in Phoenix. The Diamondbacks’, highest attendance last season was 37,802 against the Nationals on July 23. Olbermann might think the WBC are meaningless exhibition games but clearly fans do not.

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