Spike Lee Directs New NBA Ad Starring Chris Paul, Magic and Steve Nash

Spike Lee paints a better picture in 30 seconds than most directors can in three hours. He proves it again with the latest NBA Big Ad “Disappearing Acts”. Lee, who is known as much for his love of basketball as he is for making classic movies, enlists Hall of Famer Magic Johnson, future Hall of Famer Steve Nash and the best point guard in the game Chris Paul.

The ad is set around a table in a restaurant that is reserved for the elite point guards.  Nash and Magic are watching CP3 play and he disappears off the screen and pops in to nab a French fry, and show some love to Johnson and Nash. Magic tells him to get back in the game and Paul drives to hole for a bucket.

There was some real attention to detail in this spot. Notice the pictures on the wall of all the legendary point guards.  Walt Frazier, John Stockton, Bob Cousy and Lenny Wilkens, among others, made the wall. Ralph Lawler, the long-time Clipper play-by-play man, called the action. Lawler even gave his catch phrase “Oh Me, Oh My”!

It looked like Nash and Johnson were accepting Paul into the league of exceptional point guards. Paul has separated himself as the best PG in the game over the last two seasons. Paul was perfectly casted to receive the torch from Nash and Johnson.

"Disappearing Acts" isn’t as edgy as Lee’s commercials with MJ or as cool as the "Bo Knows" campaign. But it doesn’t need to be. Besides, it’s just good to see Lee doing anything other than beefing with Quentin Tarantino or Tyler Perry

The NBA also posted some behind the scenes footage. Check it out here.



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