Sources Say Lakers Not Impressed With Lonzo Ball’s Workout

The Bleacher Report and various sports outlets are reporting that Lonzo Ball’s pre-draft Lakers workout — which was originally just looked at as the Lakers going through the motions because it was a foregone conclusion that they’d take the Big Baller with the No. 2 overall pick — might not have gone as expected. 

According to,  “the Lakers werent overly impressed with what they saw. And they certainly werent impressed enough to say they would take him right now as the #2 overall pick in the draft later this month.”

He very well might be the Los Angeles Lakers draft pick in two weeks time,” is all reporters could get from Lakers brass. Apparently the shot-caller didn’t blow the Lakers away or seal any deal in the time he spent with their officials Tuesday and Wednesday, according to sources.

On the other hand, it’s NBA Draft time and poker faces are aces right now so I wouldn’t make too much of this report. The Lakers could be pump faking the Celtics so that Boston doesn’t snatch Lonzo at No. 1 despite LaVar Ball’s insistence that his son taking his talents to Hollywood.  

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I guess the Lakers could have come out and gushed about Lonzo, but doing so has no real benefit to them drafting him. If he is inevitably going to be joining the new Lake Show, then LA is going to keep that under wraps because if Boston grades Ball on a much higher scale than a Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson or DeAaron Fox, then they could be thinking he’s too good to pass on and “W’ell draft him and negotiate his stay later.”

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