Somebody’s Lying | LaVar Arrington Believes Warren Sapp’s Claim Of Colin Kaepernick’s Disastrous Raiders Workout, Kaep’s Agent Says “It’s Not True”

Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has been quite talkative lately on a variety of topics. One topic that has been garnering him much attention is his opinion on the workout Colin Kaepernick had with the Raiders. Per Sapp’s source, the workout was an utter disaster. In an interview with Vlad TV, Sapp had this to say:

“It was a disaster. One of the worst workouts ever.

“I’m wondering how the hell this happened, and the tape didn’t get out, right.”


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Former Pro Bowl linebacker LaVar Arrington seems to be piggybacking those same sentiments expressed by the loquacious Sapp. Arrington said there was nothing for Sapp to gain by lying, so he believes it to be true. During a segment on his Fox Sports Radio Show, Arrington explained his reasoning.

“If you played for an organization, you know the people in the organization,” Arrington said. “There are certain places that you can get information that in other cases you wouldn’t get that information. Sapp played for the Raiders, and Sapp probably had a relationship with a couple people that are in that organization. If Sapp didn’t know, hear, or have a discussion with someone in that organization he wouldn’t have even talked about it.”



Arrington believes that what Sapp says, much to the chagrin of Kaepernick’s agent.


Agent Jeff Nalley Disputes Sapp’s Contention

Following Sapp’s interview on Vlad TV, Nalley, who represents Kaepernick sent a text to Pro Football Talk, stating the following:

“I guess Warren didn’t talk to the general manager or head coach. I spoke to the GM several times, and he said they all thought Kaep was in great shape and threw the ball really well and encouraged any team to call him about the workout and he would tell them the same. I’m surprised Warren would say that, because it’s not true, and you would think he would want Kaep on a team.”


Kaep has also worked out with Chicago Bears starting quarterback Justin Fields, who told that, “He looked pretty good.”

So either someone’s lying or just hating. In the case of Sapp and Arrington, both have been very vocal in the past on the NFL and how they do things as it pertains to ownership and discrimination. Sapp, recently called out the league for its failure to use the Rooney Rule correctly. While Arrington has had a never-ending feud with the Washington Commanders franchise owner Daniel Snyder.

No matter how the workout turned out, no team, including the Raiders saw or heard enough to sign him to a deal.

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He’ll never play another down in the NFL, and it’s been that way since 2016.

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