So, What’s in an $80,000 Oscar Swag Bag? 

Have you heard about those legendary Oscar swag bags? Well, these bags are so filled with incredible gifts that the sum value of all the items contained therein could pay off the mortgage of the average American and they are given away to a select few celebrities at the Academy Awards.  The oddest item is a certificate for vaginal rejuvenation procedure that is worth $2,700. The procedure is meant to "rejuvenate and enhance a woman's vaginal tissue".   I had a bunch inappropriate jokes for that one but I’ll just move along and allow you snicker offline. What? Is there a rash of unresponsive vaginas in Hollywood? Okay, okay…moving on.  There’s also a hair restoration surgery using ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant worth $16,000 as well. So wait, it cost more money for a man to restore his hair than for a woman to freshen up her honey pot? Well, I guess you learn something new every day.  The bag also includes $949 worth of weight loss procedures, a Rocky Mountain trip on a luxury train worth $6,850, a Maple tree, pet products and a bunch of other things that are a lot less important that vaginal rejuvenation. The $80,000 swag bag also includes a $9,000 Best of Vegas trip that includes a face-to-face meeting with Boyz II Men.

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