Simone Biles Is Psyching Out The Competition Before The Tokyo Olympics Even Begin

Simone Biles is already recognized as the greatest and most decorated gymnast to ever do it and she added to her legend last Saturday night at the US Classic. 


Biles pulled off an amazing Yurchenko double pike,  a notoriously dangerous skill that features a roundoff-back-handspring entry to the vaulting table and then executes two-straight-legged flips.

Her flight was magnificent and her landing nearly flawless. Then again, no woman ever “did the damn thing” in that revolutionary fashion before.

Crushing stereotypes with every insane body contortion and deft-defying feat of athletic brilliance.



Biles has accomplished almost everything there is to conquer in gymnastics, but she even surprised herself by nailing the double pike.

She’s the Michael Jordan of the sh*t no doubt.

The Olympic legend, social rights, women’s rights and community rights activist became the only woman to ever attempt — and complete — that wicked vault in competition. 


The tougher-than-leather feat requires a combination of power, physics and fearlessness traditionally only attempted by male gymnasts. 


Biles continues to defy the laws of gravity and shatter ceilings and limits placed on what Black women can accomplish, not only in athletics but in helping to shape the world for the better and inspiring other young women to do the same. 

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